Important Information on how to describe materials accurately:

Please Note: Accurate descriptions will help us give you what you need to make your search successful.

State material(s) type – Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Alloy, Brass, Copper, etc.

How to Describe Your Material Accurately

Round Tubing – Outside diameter, wall thickness and length
Square & Rectangular Tubing – Outside diameter, wall thickness and length
Pipe – outside diameter & wall thickness or common size, for example, 2″ schedule 40 (2.375″ O.D. x .154″ wall),pipe size 
Solid Rounds – state diameter accurately
Solid Flat and Square Bars – thickness and width of a cross section
Hex Bar Stock – measured flat to flat
Sheet Metal – decimal micrometer reading or gauge thickness
Angles – Length of both flanges and thickness of material
Channels – Width across back, height of flanges and thickness of web(Material between flanges).
Perforated Sheet – Thickness of material and diameter or dimensions of holes
Expanded Metal, raised or flattened – thickness of material, dimensions of openings top to bottom, center to center
Metric Sizes – same descriptions as above materials using millimeter dimensions that apply over fractional or decimal dimensions of common domestic sizes

 Tubing & Pipe Bar Stock Structural Shapes Sheet & Plate